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This is a collection of various Harley rides, but mostly riding with Gary and half a dozen to a dozen of his friends - motorcycling at its finest. Ok, so they make frequent smoke stops and you can be sure their thirst is quenched on a regular basis; that's part of what makes riding with this group so fun. But keep out of our damn way when our bikes head home at the end of the day!

Various Rides & Bikers Pics

Jill's first Harley ride
Jill on Springer
Jill and Gary on Road Glide
Dustin's first Harley Ride
Jill and Gary flipoff
Daughter Jill B4 her first Harley ride (Gary's Road Glide)
Jill and I on the Springer
Jill behind Gary; Gary's gang
Son Dustin on his first Harley ride
Gary's positive influence on our daughter
Bug splattered Harley Springer
Harley Road Glides - Screen background
Gary and Chris
Harleys in California foothills
The Springer after 500 miles in one day from Portland, OR to Rocklin, CA The gang's bikes all lined up; click here for a large screen background image
Gary showing his appreciation for his son, Chris
Gary's wife, Linda A nice bike ride in the CA foothills
Joe on Road Glide
Road Glide and Fat Boy
Chris and Kathy
Harley smoke stop
South Tahoe biker bar
Happy Joe, the Realtor Chris and Kathy; Vince the wild man (I'd like to see you do burnouts with only one leg...)
Chris and Kathy
Sharlet, Linda, Gary at a Pilot Hill smoke stop Brothers in the South Tahoe area
Harley pit stop
Harley riding break
Harleys at lake
Snokered cat
Larry and Sue
Poor Reds, another favorite pit stop
A stop in the CA hills
A stop at a lake
The Team Mascot
(No pussy was harmed in taking this picture)
Cousin Larry and wife Sue - he's now sold that wannabe and bought a 2007 Road Glide
Sharlet & Dave
Self portrait of Sharlet & Dave The Twisties. Hwy 1 between Fort Bragg & Hw 101      


For some other pictures of Harley rides go to www.californiarides.com




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